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With this portal we try to pass & exchange knowledge to crypto enthusiast.
Trading crypto these days is a new reality we are witnessing in our every-day life.

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Trade Crypto 10x
Book for trading Crypto on 10x leverage
A Book for trading crypto with 3 to 10x leverage

Written in August till October 2021 a Story or Manual written by trader Dejan with 8 years experiences in trading.

A book shall give you an insight of a trader mind and gives you several tips about trading crypto with leverage if you are a complete beginner or a veteran trader and need an extra niche.

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(PDF edition) for 29.27 EUR

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Webinar 1:1
Webinar 1:1 trading with leverage 3x-5x or 10x by your choice

With ordering 1:1 Webinar, de123 will help you to set up a trading account, help you execute trades in real time, help you setting TP and SL, adjust positions and help you to do the TA based on FA.

We will try to instruct you how and when is the best time to enter & exit the market, and also how and when to reenter.

Together we will try to find the best way to maximize profits and minimize losses.

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Subscribe to de123 real crypto trades

By Subscribing to Trading signals at us, you are subscribing to unlocked & locked de123 real time trades. When he will enter or exit the market you will receive an E-mail alert with a direct link to his Idea at Trading View technical analysis for particular coin vs fiat or BTC.

On the TA idea it will be written an actual live trade with an entry or entries, a position size, SL and TP.

Subscribe to de123 real time trades
Free of charge if you order a book or order a webinar course.
Price: 65,75 EUR annual subscription

Welcome to 10x trading crypto website!

    Crypto trading can be a total mess and can be a total awesome thing.

    By trading crypto we could be rich and poor three times per year on average.


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